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Filigree Throne Adjustable Ring Shanks

$392.00 $346.00
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Filigree Throne Adjustable Ring Shanks

Arthritis Rings

Filigree Throne Adjustable Ring Shanks

Filigree Throne is the best adjustable-rings for arthritic fingers, a piece with exceptional design detail to the hinged ring shank. The beautiful Filigree floats around the entire sterling silver band. A bezel set silver base at the center leads to an elevated peridot gemstone bordered in smooth sterling silver.

The Peridot gemstone is bezel set on a decorative latch hinged to opening. Lifting the door allows a slip hinge lock to be exposed. Slightly shifting the mechanism enables the band to expand apart. Then conveniently slip off the ring bypassing the swollen arthritic knucklethe best rings for arthritic fingers.

The ring is available in :

  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Peridot (green)
  • Garnet (red)
  • Blue Topaz
  • Onyx (black)
  • Peacock pearl (green blue and black) stones.


Need customization for Filigree Throne Adjustable Ring Shanks ? You can also provide a link or send it to me via chat.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always here to serve you.
Thank you so much!

SKU: KS-228
$392.00 $346.00
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How to determine ring size for arthritic fingers?

Here are some helpful tips:

Measure your finger

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  • mom, sister or best friend could probably get the information without raising too much suspicion.

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BT = Blue Topaz
AM = Amethyst
GA = Garnet
WP = White Pearl
BP = Black Pearl ( but the color is not black. It is just an industry term
OX = onyx (black)
TQ = turquoise
CI = Citrine ( yellow gem)
PE = Peridot (light green gem)