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“Opens to Bypass The Knuckle!”

Since 1999.

For over twenty years, Shandor Edward Madjar has been originating refreshingly unique sterling silver designs concepts. What separates his work from all the rest, is the ability to create jewelry which can transform. His multi-functional Transforming sterling silver and Top-Opening Arthritis Rings creations are for both men and women and offering a wide variety of dynamic designs and styles.

Arthritis Rings and ArtSilver ( ) offers both a combination of Classic Art Nouveau and amazing contemporary geometric kinetic jewelry. Other examples include his line of Top Open Rings, especially suited for those with Arthritic Fingers. A Magnetic lock at the top of the ring allows for an expandable shank. The hinges at the bottom of the ring are squared off like a Euro Shank allowing the ring to expandable and conveniently bypass Arthritic knuckle.

Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs

A Combination of Classic Art Nouveau and Fascinating Contempory Geometric Hinged Arthritic Jewelry

Best Magnetic Ring for finger With Arthritis



Signet Arthritis Ring

From $220.00

Swollen Joint Opening Ice Cubes


As Seen In

arthritis ring art show arthritis ring art show


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