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ArthritisRings and Art-Silver Since 1999

“Opens to Bypass The Knuckle!”


For over twenty years, Shandor Edward Madjar has been originating refreshingly unique sterling silver designs concepts. What separates his work from all the rest, is the ability to create jewelry which can transform. His multi-functional Transforming sterling silver and Top-Opening Arthritis Rings creations are for both men and women and offering a wide variety of dynamic designs and styles.

Art-Silver offers both a combination of Classic Art Nouveau and amazing contemporary geometric kinetic jewelry. Other examples include his line of Top Open Rings, especially suited for those with Arthritic Fingers. A Magnetic lock at the top of the ring allows for an expandable shank. The hinges at the bottom of the ring are squared off like a Euro Shank allowing the ring to expandable and conveniently bypass Arthritic knuckle.

Penda-Ring Concept

are pendants which transform into rings. With the help of a ninety-degree swivel stop hinge, a Ring can be worn as a Pendant. 

Other examples include, kinetic transforming pearl and semi-precious gemstone metamorphose pendants. Like a corkscrew wine bottle opener, two hinges placed strategically cause the bail of the pendant to hinge upward or downward, totally changing the look and design of the pendant.

Contemporary hinged bold bangle-bracelets and eye-catching extraordinarily sculpted earrings, continue to stand above and beyond others. 

Renowned  Master metalsmith and visionary Shandor Edward Madjar will spellbind you with truly original wearable art. Please stop By and say Hello at one of the Events listed in his Art Show Schedule.

Originally Art-Silver or company was formed in 1999 and still is a small scale production for casting and wax design operating out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Some of the first Concept Designs that Shandor came up with where “Motion rings”. Simply put, these rings had no real purpose. Maybe a Flower petal rotating on a hinge or a wheel spinning for no particular reason. But as Shandor grew and evolved in his designs became more complicated. He calls it “evolution of design”, on average he designs 5-10 new prototype concepts per year. When continuing to create every year the designs evolve and get better especially after showing them at Fine Arts Festivals around the country.

He said, “I try to listen to customers, and sometimes ideas and demands of customers manifest in my new prototypes.”

In 2005 after showing his hinged multiform designs at his first Sugarloaf craft show in Gaithersburg, MD, he had a customer ask,” Can you make Rings the Hinge over the finger?” This particular customer had (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis. That was the Year the first Hinges Arthritis ring was born. Like a mini Bracelet composed of a simple Door Latch system with two hinges, one for the latch and the other for the ring to expand. This ring evolved and led to many new ideas for many different Ring lock systems. The Magnetic lock system was the most popular.

In 2011, Shandor decided to dedicate this concept to a new website,