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Arthritis is characterized by inflammation in the joints. When (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis affects the hands, its’s often the case that people who have this condition (or any other sort of swelling in the joints) aren’t able to wear rings.

This is because these jewelry items are extremely uncomfortable or cause them to be self-conscious of their hands. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. This is where specially designed arthritis rings come in.

However, before we talk about arthritis rings, let’s talk a little bit about how the condition affects women.

How Arthritis Affects Women

Arthritis is not just physically painful; it can also have a negative effect on a person's mental health – this is especially true in women. Women love wearing jewelry, and when the fingers get swollen and deformed, they have to let go of their favorite jewelry items, that is, rings.

A ring that is a comfortable fit on the base of the finger is generally too small to cross the swollen knuckles, and a ring that is big enough to fit the knuckles is loose at the base of the finger.

This is not just frustrating but extremely upsetting too. Many times, women have to let go of their favorite rings, even their wedding bands, for the same reason.

Arthritis rings ensure that you can wear rings on your fingers without having to worry about the possible pain that comes with a tight ring, or losing your ring in the case of a loose fitting ring.

Benefits of Arthritis Rings

what is an arthritis ring? Arthritis rings are special rings that have been designed, keeping in mind the pain and struggles of people who suffer from arthritis.

These rings are either expandable or have latches or hinges attached that allow the users to either expand the rings to fit their swollen fingers or open and close around the finger without having to pull them through their swollen knuckles.

Some arthritis rings come with magnetic locking mechanisms that are said to reduce the inflammation, thus promoting the healing of the fingers. Research also indicates that the use of magnetic closures is a form of magnetic therapy – a form of therapy that comes with numerous health benefits.


Types of Arthritis Rings on the Basis of Lock Systems

Arthritis rings


There are many types of arthritis rings on the market. But classifies five different types based on the type of lock system that they’re equipped with, as follows:

The best thing about these rings is that the latch is barely visible once you’ve got it in place, so nobody will even know that you’re wearing an arthritis ring.

Adjustable Arthritis Ring

An adjustable arthritis ring does not have a latch that opens or closes. Instead, it is expandable. All you have to do is separate the open section of your ring to make it large enough to pass your enlarged knuckle and then squeeze the precious metal lightly to bring it back to its original size. 90% of the rings are made of solid sterling silver or 14K gold, which is malleable and an ideal option for people whose arthritis swelling is less serious but still face difficulty opening and closing  latches.

This type of closure is not ideal for knuckles that are more than one size bigger than the subsequent proximal section of the finger.


Magnetic Rings with Magnet Lock System

magnetic rings with lock system

What is magnetic Arthritis ring? As the name suggests, this type of lock system has magnets on each end of two separate ends of the ring, held together at two bottom joints.

The magnets clicks in place when both ends are closed. Two bottom hinges assist in making these rings easier to open and close. This locking system wins favorite mechanism for people with serious Rheumatoid arthritis.

As an added benefit for those who believe in Magnetic therapy, the strong neodymium magnets can reduce pain and swelling.

(Please follow the blog to read further information about Magnetic Therapy and how the magnetic poles affect arthritis swelling and healing)


Slide - Lock Arthritis Rings

These rings are neither expandable nor do they have a magnet. Instead, comprised of two separate precious metal pieces. Built into the band and incorporated into the components is a male/female clasp mechanism.

It’s very easy to use by simply sliding one piece into the other. In the open position there is enough space for your ring to pass over even the largest knuckles. Once the ring is at the base of the finger, the two pieces are unlocked, and they close, like a puzzle, to fit your finger comfortably.

This type of lock system is popular for simple styles like wedding bands (with or without Gems) because they sit lower on the finger.


Arthritis Rings with Latches

The latch swings open to unlock an additional internal clasp. Although there is a many variation of this the concept based on the same idea moves to incorporate designs and mechanism functionality.

Once the ring reaches the base of your finger, you will need to line up the internal latch, before closing the external latch. In many variations this external latch may be associated with a design or gemstone.  Arthritis rings with latches are available in all sizes to accommodate even the most difficult swollen knuckle cases.

Hinge Over-Lap Arthritis Ring

In challenging Rheumatoid Arthritis cases where your loved one cannot easily operate the lock. has developed a system that is easier to grasp the enlarged latch. Similar to the previous swing open Latch, this system extends to ½ of the ring diameter, encompassing the entire top exterior half of the ring to open. Subsequently the interior component expands open to release the finger.


you won’t have to feel sad every time you see your wedding band lying idle on the dresser. Get a ring that suits your style and condition and proudly display it for everyone to see.


In an effort merging functionality and simplicity, Designer Shandor Madjar continues to engineer practical ring Concept. Please see his creations on and

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Barbara Venable

My ring arrived today, and I am so pleased with it!!! For a number of years I have not been able to wear my wedding band, because of arthritis and the resulting increased thickness of my knuckles. Coming upon the Artsilver/Arthritis ring website gave me hope for an attractive ring which could replace the wedding band. Many thanks to Shandor and his research and work, as well as his artistic eye. My sadness is gone! I love my ring. God bless! If I get a chance, I will be a repeat customer!

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