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Offset Swirl Rheumatoid Hinged Arthritis Ring

Offset Whirlpool 

Slip on this genuine sterling silver handcrafted adjustable Arthritis ring with ease. The silver oval swirls around in an offset spiral whirl motion. We see the symbolic spiral in Many cultures symbolizes new life, growth, strength, and peace.

We also see this symbol happen in nature with shells, snails, flowers and the  Fibonacci sequence. Combining this natural symbol-of-nature and life conveys the idea of perpetual movement in life.

 With a simple pinching action with your thumb and index finger, find the opening on one side of the Spiral. Press the hinge, and you can put the ring around your finger comfortably.

A Magnetic lock at the top of the ring allows for an expandable shank. The hinges at the bottom of the ring are squared off like a Euro Shank allowing the ring to expandable and bypass Arthritic knuckle. A timeless piece ready for your jewelry treasure trove. A simple and classic style that can be your go-to ring.

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